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By Thomas Cosmades




1.         Zinjidere

2.         A Controversial Book

3.         In Pambukiansí Vineyard

4.         Early Memories about Haralambos

5.         At Zion Orphanage

6.         Would I Marry Such a Person?

7.         The Growing Tension

8.         Outreach around Adana

9.         A Futile Seminar

10.        The Surprise Visit

11.        The Wedding and Farewell

12.        Adventurous Journey

13.        Investiture and the Ingathering Storm

14.        Arrest!

15.        An Unexpected Commission

16.        Conspiracy Suspect

17.        Deportation and Decimation

18.        Again to Dreaded Urfa

19.        Divine Intervention Conquers Crisis

20.        The Long Walk in Chains

21.        Execution in Marash

22.        To Suffer and Die

23.        Aleppo, a Haven to the Bereaved

24.        Remnants of the Sword in Aleppo

25.        Moving from Place to Place

26.        America, America!

27.         From City to City in the U.S.A.

28.        A True-to-type Anatolian Woman

29.         Bible Woman in the U.S.A.

30.        Athens and Katerini

31.         Around the Middle East



Haralambos and Aneta Bostanjoglou